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Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Dave Hunt checked in to Tiburon, California with Colleen Turgeon.

June 8 · Shared with Public

8+ years ago, I turned 50. I viewed my life as being a child for half of it, and a family man for the other half. Loved it all. If life would allow it, I knew I wanted 50-70 to be something completely different. I didn’t want to wait until 65 to see the world, or the rest of the world. I wanted to surround myself with people who embraced the differences as meaningful experiences, and if I’m lucky, see the promise for a common human voice for this planet.

Anthony Bourdain, Tony, continues to fuel this passion for me. His own passion and skill in telling stories of the underrepresented around the world is rare, honest and important in our ever-complex world. I miss him - period. I miss the stories he and his crew, his family really, told us each episode.

On this second anniversary of his suicide, my artist friend Jamie (, fresh off a first place win in a recent exhibit, shared a nearly finished piece based on Tony. She even allowed me to share my feelings about him while she was working on the piece. It’s absolutely beautiful and the details provided by collage are unbelievable, insightful, clever and memory provoking. Best of all, she has agreed to sell this original piece to us. Colleen stirred this drink making it all happen. Jamie’s art will help fuel our global experiences going forward.

Hard to think about that now in the state our country’s in. Yet I know it’s also part of the journey forward, walking in someone else’s shoes, or sharing a meal or an experience with unfamiliar people and cultures. And we need to hear the stories of the underrepresented now more than ever. It’s necessary to understand other’s take on life in order to live with each other, in our own communities.

RIP Tony, and thank you

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